Again a visually perfect image by Smith. Depicting a human tragedy in his own, almost bombastic style, full of drama and aesthetics.  The images shake but never carves, they engage but keep their distance, as a polite porter, opening a door to another world. Nevertheless, the image endures, has visual impact but somehow softens the sharpness of the underlying story.


Additionally, the fact the image was withdrawn from further publication on request of the family of Tomoko, to respect her privacy and put an end to the exploit of her body for the cause, whatever that might be ( and for who?) Furthermore there was some discussion on the authenticity of the image, postproduction, dodge and burn by Smiths. It all seems of lesser importance to me, the image is the visual result of the artist in place, whatever methods he used. Hence the image is clearly shifted into the art department, no further journalistic causes served, everything seems allowed.  The story remains.