The movie made by a montage of existing images. Combined and voiced-over into a story about a “nanny” (Baboe) during the end of colonisation of Indonesia by the Dutch. Baboe is the dutch-indo term for a nanny, actually close being a slave under contract. As the girl in the movie explains; Baboe it the Indonesian contamination of the word Mother (Ba) and Miss (Boe) (Miss Mother). The story is told completely from the perspective of the Indonesian girl Alima, the voice is the voice of Alima, struggling with her emotions towards the children (white) she cares, the dream of freedom, horrors of war and oppression and love, the dead of her love. 

The authentic moving images, the poetic voice and text make this a unique document in the colonial history of the Netherlands, a very engaging movie, released in a period Slavery and Colonisme is under intense scrutiny and discussion, of course, related to inequality and racism globally.