Hindsight, this was the last movie I was allowed to see in theatre. Covid struck and we went in lockdown, either full, later on, less strict, but theatres remained a problem throughout the year. It seemed a logical measurement and still is at least a small sacrifice in all this global misery, but now, looking back, almost a year has gone, I really start to miss things. 

The Lighthouse (movie)

Seen in theatre City Pathe, Amsterdam. Incredible monochrome movie in square format. Stunning images, very well crafted visuals, besides amazing acting by Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in this dense, dark, victorian masterpiece. Perhaps visually more spectacular then plot and story, but one of the most interesting movies seen. The camerawork is almost one stretched photograph or moving photobook, incredibly well executed in this, for movies, even more, unusual format.

The Lighthouse 2019 ( )